Pastor’s Message

JULY 2017
From our Children’s Director


Another Vacation Bible School has come and gone.  As always it was a fabulous time of worship, fellowship and fun as we dug into God’s Word to learn all about the great gifts that He alone provides each of us – young and “seasoned,” near and far!

An event of this magnitude does not happen as a result of a single person’s work.  I am grateful for the opportunity to labor alongside the many folks that spent numerous hours ensuring that VBS 2017 would be a success.

First and foremost, all glory and praise from our week together goes directly to God.  His presence each and every moment is what truly made Passport to Peru a success.

Next, a very special thank you goes out to our Bethel Church family!  Your prayers, love, kind words, and generosity provided a strong foundation for a booming VBS!

The Midland Community came out in full force to attend VBS this year and for each family that took the time out of their day to bring those sweet kids – THANK YOU!

Moms, Dad, Grandparents, Neighbors, Friends, and Families – your dedication to bringing those precious children each night is remarkable.  I am thankful to each of you for making VBS a priority for your family and ensuring that your kiddos were able to experience a week long adventure in God’s Word!

To all of the children that showed up each night to participate in the activities and to worship – you guys are the BEST!  You brought smiles, laughter, love, and lots of joy to all of us!

This year I had the true pleasure and honor of working with some awesome youth volunteers.  You guys are amazing!  I am so proud of your sacrifice of time and the enthusiasm you added to the week.  I pray that you received as many blessings as you gave.

Finally, to those magnificent volunteers – EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of you are absolutely priceless.  From decorations to food to lessons, stories, and games to herding kiddos from place to place – there is no way that I could have managed without each and every one of you.  Countless hours of your time went into planning, preparing, and implementing every part of VBS.  It melts my heart to know that all of you gave so freely of your time and energy to lead and nurture our children in their walk with Jesus.  I have no words to express the depth of my gratitude for your support this year at VBS.

In Christ,