Other Mission Opportunities

Other ways Bethel Church is involved in missions:

Disaster Relief
There will be training opportunities for anyone interested in being a part of the missions Disaster Response team. We are hoping to gather teams to assist in flood relief and other hardship situations. All able bodied adults are invited to be trained. If you are interested please contact Brian Herlocker.

St. Stephen’s Society
Administers funds to aid people in the community who are in financial crisis. This is an anonymously distributed fund supporting the call of Christ to give in secret.
Contact: Reba Morrison

Mama Tara’s Orphanage Ministry:
Beginning in 2011, Bethel has sent 6 teams to Mama Tara’s Orphanage, but not everyone can make the trip. Our congregation members have helped in other ways as well including:made and shipped hundreds of dresses for the orphanage and surrounding families

  • made and shipped hundreds of dresses for the orphanage and surrounding families
  • financially supported the security wall around the orphanage’s property to keep the kids safe
  • financially supported the monthly electricity bill (Journeyman Sunday School Class)
  • paid the shipping cost donated mattresses for each of the 25 children’s beds
  • sponsored many of the children at Mama Tara’s on a monthly basis
  • donated a lawn mower and tools to the orphanage
  • donated and shipped school shoes for the children
  • offered medical clinics to the children and the local community
  • donated clothing, shoes, vitamins, glasses and more

If you are interested in getting involved with the Mama Tara’s Orphanage Ministry, please contact Katrina Koon at (704) 258-0805 or cakoon@earthlink.net.

Bethel Ministries (Orrissa, India)
The S.R. McEachern Sunday school class supports an orphanage in India called Bethel Ministries. Their support has been able to:

  • purchase mattresses and bedding for the 80 children at the orphanage
  • re-roofed the children’s sleeping quarters
  • provide sheets, blankets and sweaters for this winter
  • build the children’s first ever bathroom and shower house
  • fund a playground
  • purchase school uniforms for each of the children

Prayer Shaw Ministry
Members of Bethel’s congregation knit and crochet beautiful blankets to be delivered to shut-ins, members in the hospital, and new babies. Contact Brenda Morrison if you would like to be involved in this ministry.

Dress Ministry
Members of Bethel have sewn hundreds of beautiful dresses and boy’s shorts which have been delivered in Honduras, Haiti, and Kentucky. Contact Reba Morrison if you would like to be a part of this ministry.

Local Outreach
The Local Outreach Committee provides opportunities for congregation members to contribute to local missions in the following ways:

  • “Book Bags of Love” Currently providing 15 needy families at Bethel Elementary School food to take home on the weekends. They also provide snacks for Locust Elementary.
  • Bethel Elementary School: proctor exams, provide supplies
  • Night Shelter Meals- Bethel members provide evening meals several weeks a year
  • Coupon closet- Using couponing skills to provide food and essentials for “Book Bags of Love” and other ministries.
  • Cooperative Christian Ministries
  • Opportunity House: wide variety of services
  • A variety of drives for supplies
  • Church of God Children’s Home
  • Mother’s and Children’s Home; Battered Women’s Shelter

To get involved in any of the Local Outreach ministries contact Christina Hall